2018 Announcement

Happy 2018!

2017 is now history and we as a company are very excited to look forward to this new year and fresh opportunities in rental housing in the Scioto Valley.

After research and talking to tenants, we have decided to make 2018 even better by opening up a “Rental Rewards Program” for all our tenants.

In short, all our tenants who continue to pay on time, maintain a positive or $0 rental balance, and do not violate our leases between January & December of 2018 will receive a rewards check within the first 10 days of December of 2018 equal to 35% of one month’s rent.

This means if you pay $500 a month in rent, you will receive a check for $175, if you pay $750/month you get $262.50 and so on.

In 2017 we found the following to be the following to be the top lease violations of our rentals in 2017 :

  • Un-authorized pet in rental
  • Sanitation violations (Trash in yard)
  • Un-authorized occupancy of rental
  • We will be providing all our tenants additional clarifications and help for every tenant to understand and meet our standard lease guidelines. It is our absolute priority that every single tenant get a rewards check for the Holiday Season, however we also need everyone to be on the same-page and meet the criteria.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to text Brandon at 740-571-1606.

    We will update this page with commonly asked questions about the new program. All tenants are automatically enrolled in it, as there’s no risk associated with participation, you’re being rewarded for following the lease agreement you’ve already signed.

    Questions & Answers :

    Can the amount be withdrawn or used prior to December 10th? No, this amount is only rewarded to a tenant upon successful completion of the ‘Rewards Program’

    Can the amount be applied on over-due rent, or other fees? No, the amount will be paid only on or around December 10th 2018 after all late billing for December has taken place. You must be 100% paid on rent by this point.

    Am I required to pay on or before the 1st of each month to meet program criteria? No, your rent is not considered late untill you have passed the grace period in your lease. Although we have a couple different types of leases, most have a grace period of 5 or 6 days.